Tips For Business Start-ups & New Businesses

Tips for business successWhen you first open your new business, you make a lot of mistakes that you learn from. That is the way life works is you mess up, then you learn from that screw-up. We took a survey some of our business associates of common mistakes and compiled a list of some easy to address mistakes.  Businesses learn over time goes on and you advance over the years. Here are some tips for anyone planning to start a business, or if you recently started one. regardless of the type of business or the type of service you provide customers.  Let’s roll out the tips to help your business startup!


Give Your Brand a Purpose

You need to be sure of the purpose your brand is trying to convey. It also needs to be set as a single purpose. Your company needs to know what its purpose is. Whether you are a tree cutter, a hauler, a pool company, supplier, or something else entirely; you need a purpose for your brand and it needs to be clear. You don’t want potential customers to be confused as to what the focus of your company is.


If They Don’t Work, Fire Them

Fire the employees that are not working out instead of letting the hang in there. When you have someone that doesn’t work it hurts the rest of the team. You will create a strain on the good workers and you may lose them to frustration. Tell new employees that they have to go through a trial or probationary period before they are hired  permanently. After the trial period, they will be assessed and you can see what they think of you and you can discuss what you have seen from them.


Figure Out Your Fees

What do you want to charge for your services? Do you charge a flat fee, an hourly rate? You need to know how you want to charge for the services that you provide. Don’t try and find this out as you go along. Work hard on what your costs and the time it took you too do the job. Were you out in the sun for hours working on a project outside? Know your costs. It will save you time in the long run and a headache.


Get Your Payment First

This may seem selfish, but it is not. All too often clients “suddenly are out of money” and can’t pay you for the work that you have done. This is a terrible way to do business. Once you have had several clients that just didn’t pay or paid partially… It is a mistake you will never make again, full amount or bust.


Don’t Do Work On The Cheap

This should be an obvious situation, but when you are low on customers it gets hard not to be tempted when you are low on clients and cash. This makes you a little desperate. The lower the price you give the clients the more likely that it will be that you will have a client that gives you unrealistic demands.  If you provide a good service you are worth the money.