About Northern Execs

Northern Execs is a website conceived for the purpose of sharing business news and insights with our target audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere, but especially those located in the northeastern United States region including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusettes, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

This region is home to both large metropolitan areas as well as small towns and rural farm districts. While each service and business niche has its own hurdles to overcome, there are basic business principles that all share in common that facilitate and assure success no matter what kind of a business is involved.

Today’s market demands attention to not only a neighborhood or regional market but also necessitates a digital presence in order to maintain a competitive business edge. We hope the information you glean from our site will point you in the right direction and influence positive decisions for both new and established businesses.

We hope you enjoy our 2018 updated format.  You will find all of our previous posts are still available and we hope to provide new discussion on a regular basis.  We welcome any suggestions you may have for topics of discussion. Feel free to reach out to us by email. We look forward to your input.