Promoting Your Business Online

Well this is just as easy as posting to Facebook, right? Wrong! It’s not just a matter of creating good content, it’s also getting it out to the people you want to see it. You have to find your target audience. The people out there that are actually looking for what you provide to them. This is known as Target Marketing, and it’s a common practice, even in regular advertising on the street.

Social Media Marketing

Posting ads and other content to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites is a great way to draw attention to your business. It is also a great way to determine who is actually interested in your business. You can put your business out there in many ways with it, and the people that want to buy from you, or use your services will flock to you. This is of course given that you post something that interests them. If you post nothing but ads then your possible customers will ignore you like you’re the plague.

Discounts can drive traffic to your business, but don’t forget to share with your audience.  For instance, if you deliver pool water, you may wish to feature a post about caring for a pool.  Or if you clean carpets, you might link to a manufacturers site blog regarding preventing carpet stains from becoming permanent blemishes to a rug

It’s also important to post at times when you know your target audience is online. If your target audience is asleep at three in the morning, then that is not the time to post your content. They may still see it but it is unlikely if they have a busy Facebook or Instagram feed.

Video & Pictures

The media that you post also determines what attention, if any, that you attract to your business. Even if you’re old school and sending things through emails, no one likes junk mail. It is the same on Facebook or Twitter. This aspect depends on your ability to give them something interesting, that they want to see. For images, you can look at sites like Photobucket, Instagram, and Pinterest. There you can find things to share on those sites as well as your main Social Media Accounts. If you just got a brand new car this year after seeing an ad on TV or YouTube, then it was because the ad caught your attention, and didn’t bore you half to death. You need to get people talking!

Create a Newsletter

Create an interesting newsletter or ad that seems like something is reading a story like we all used to read out of the Newspapers. This is the best way to keep in contact with current customers as well as get a hold of new ones that have shown interest in your business. Now we’re certainly not telling you to send out junk mail, so this will require a little creative writing. Add some interesting facts to it, maybe a new sale your running, how your business is doing, and wish them all well. It sounds cheesy, but again, you don’t want to bore anyone to death. Do you frown upon junk mail? Well so does everyone else, so only do this if you are sure you can make it work. Otherwise, you might just be driving people away. It’s also better just to send to people that have subscribed to it, or have asked for it in some sense.

End Of Message Signatures

Signatures on messages, in general, are a good idea. It’s polite to include your name at the bottom. This is more specifically directed at emails though. Why? Well because it’s nice to have your office address, phone number, business name and title along with your name. Then people will know for certain who they are talking to and feel they can trust you just a little bit more.

Links and Hashtags

I know if you’re older than twenty ­four years of age, that Hashtags probably seem like a goofy kid thing, but honestly, they have become a big part of linking your content to the mainstream audience online. Someone can search a hashtag, and find every piece of content on the internet with that hashtag in it. Linking your content to a bigger piece of content or concept is always a good idea to get more attention to it.

Going Viral

Build a network of followers that not only use or buy from your business, but also spread its name around like wildfire. This is almost the definition of the online term “viral”. You want to make all your posted content go viral. It is a key piece of online advertising. You don’t want ten or twenty people to see your posts, you want ten or twenty thousand people to see it!


Reddit and Quora are a few examples of forums that are still popular on the internet. If you have the time or the money to hire someone to manage your own forum or to post on other ones, then you can answer client’s questions quicker and easier than talking to them all on the phone, or in person. It is also a great place for your customers to share their opinions of your business, and as long as you are managing your business properly, it will all be good for the most part. If you have your own forum on your website, then it can be great for your SEO, getting more and more traffic to your website.


In short, you need to stay focused on this. Online marketing is basically a popularity contest that you need to at least sort of win for it to work. Your competition will be after your spot, and so will everyone else.