What Is SEO Again?

Search Engine Optimization.

It is that thing that gets your business’s website ranked on Google Being “Googleable” is one of the important aspects of your business these days. Whether it is your website you want people to find, or just your contact information like phone numbers, or email addresses. Most people these days look up businesses online before visiting them, or using them; So even your business’s reviews are rolled into this. Search engines take everything into account before ranking your website and are constantly re-ranking it to fit the SEO you have.

How Do You Get Good SEO?

Well, it does take some attention to detail, to say the least about it. Every page on your website should be up to good SEO standard, but what does that mean exactly?

Every page should have at least 300 words on it with information.

Every page should have an SEO keyword(s) set for it.

Those keywords need to be on every page at least 3 times, and not just in the text, but also the page title, and a sub-heading preferably.

You need to get visitors to your website, and then get them to stay there for a little while.

Alright, so how do you manage all that? Well, you don’t have too. You can hire someone, in person or virtually to do all that for you. How is it done though? Well pages like “About Us” should have 300 words about you and/or your business. It should all be relevant information at that. Set an SEO keyword that makes sense for your business and that page. Interesting information or an interesting blog is also a plus when it comes to keeping people on your page for more than three seconds.

What Else Helps Your SEO

You need listings for your business all over the internet for a lot of reasons, and this is one of them. The more links that there are leading back to your website, the better. Search engines love to see a lot of links to your website. They do have to make sense though. Links from other websites back to your’s are good, but too many of them will be considered spam. You also don’t want a link to your page amidst a bunch of junk information or spam. You can also get a lot of natural traffic by giving out business cards or advertising your website in person as well. Good traffic to your website will really increase your business’s SEO.

In Summary

Good SEO will not just drive people to your business’s website, but your business in general. The more traffic to your website, the more customers you are likely to get. Another side note is that you do not want your website to be too dark or the text too small. It should always look welcoming and warm to your clients and customers. You don’t just want their business; you want them to feel comfortable dealing with your business, even on the web. You also might want to ignore those folks telling you that SEO is a myth because they don’t likely have a lot of new customers or clients. Whether you work for a company in the outdoors with the trees or in an office, you need SEO.